Monday, October 26, 2015
14:00-14:05 Welcome and Introduction
Ginevra Castellano, Wolmet Barendregt, Mohammad Obaid
14:05-14:35 Keynote Talk 1
Brian Scassellati
14:35-15:10 Session 1 (chair: Wolmet Barendregt)
Baxter et al.
The Wider Supportive Role of Social Robots in the Classroom for Teachers
Jones et al.
Personalising Robot Tutors’ Self-Regulated Learning Scaffolding with an Open Learner Model
Sandygulova et al.
Investigating the Effect of Age and Gender with Educational Robots
15:10-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-16:00 Keynote Talk 2
Pierre Dillenbourg
Some noise for my protégé
16:00-16:35 Session 2 (chair: Ginevra Castellano)
Foster et al.
How does affective robot feedback influence learner experience in a real-world treasure hunt?
Belpaeme et al.
L2TOR – Second Language Tutoring using Social Robots
Peters et al.
Let Me Guide You! Pedagogical Interaction Style for a Robot in Healthcare Education
16:35-17:05 Keynote Talk 3
Paul Verschure
Towards Biologically and Psychologically Grounded Synthetic Teaching Assistants: Distributed Adaptive Control in the Classroom
17:05-17:30 Session 3 (chair: Mohammad Obaid)
Clabaugh et al.
Estimating Visual Focus of Attention in Dyadic Human-Robot Interaction for Planar Tasks
Gyebi et al.
Educational Robotics for Teaching Computer Science in Africa – Pilot Study
17:30-18:00 Panel Discussion